Allocation System Info


Flight registrations and allocations are now open. To create allocations, please CLICK HERE.

Note, you must have a Burner Bio and have signed in to operate this system.

The operator or pilots needs to register the plane(s) being flown; only then register the flight. A flight allocation must be made for every inbound flight being operated. Each inbound flight requires a paid landing fee, irrespective of the number of PAX on board.

Payments can be made by debit or credit card.

Flight allocation acceptance will be shown on the Allocation Form but please bring your Quicket receipt with you or attach it to the landing card as Proof of Payment.

Please fill in the aircraft details, your aircraft type can be found in the pull down menu, if its not there, you can add the aircraft to the list; and you will be contacted via email as to the list update.

You may plan your flights well ahead of time and then fill in or change details any time prior to the flight. Even after fee payment, edits are possible as long as the aircraft type does not change.

If you wish to change the aircraft type after fee payment, please contact [email protected]

Please make sure you print out your landing card prior to departure which can be auto generated from your submitted information.  

Blank versions of the landing card can be carried but must be completed prior to landing to aid and speed the ticket processing on landing.

Happy landings.

Please note:

The allocation may be edited up to the time of departure.

No ticket no entry no exceptions, the pilot is responsible for the return of the passenger

No landings without fully-paid landing fees.

If the type of plane is not listed in the drop-down menu, enter the total number of seats on board both occupied and unoccupied, and you will receive an email and the list will be  listing.

The pilot must have a fully completed landing card on landing at the Tankwa Town airstrip. This can be auto generated from the allocation system.

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