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The AfrikaBurn runway is located just to the east of Tankwa Town.  The document should contain most of the information needed by pilots.  If you have additional questions contact [email protected].

Weather information for Stonehenge/Tankwa Town can be found here.

Bring your tickets: all passengers and crew wishing to enter the event must have a valid AfrikaBurn ticket.  Tickets aren’t sold at the gate.  No ticket, no entry, no exceptions.  Crew not attending the event (i.e. those just dropping passengers off quickly) won’t need a ticket.  So, bring your ticket if you wish to proceed past the Terminal and into Tankwa Town.

This is a private airstrip on private property therefore all arriving aircraft must have an allocation number.   Use is subject to disclaimer: which you automatically acknowledge by using the airstrip.  Operations are only during day-light and VMC between 0600Z and 1600Z.

Download this document

This printable airspace map is required reading for pilots wanting to use the airstrip.

Extreme Environment!

You are entirely responsible for your own safety and that of your passengers.  You’ll be going to one of the most isolated parts of the country, and flying in the Tankwa Karoo region can be dangerous. Winds are treacherous, storms are sudden and violent, dust storms can reduce visibility to zero, and hospitals are far away. The landing surface is unpaved and landing conditions are not guaranteed.  The desert has many troubles to throw at you.  A good understanding of mountain flying, desert weather, and density altitude will help you.  Use our Facebook page to get tips from others who’ve flown in there before and read this article, courtesy of SA Flyer magazine.

Prepare for emergency landings in the desert: always bring enough water and survival gear. Rescue from a remote location can take hours or even days.  Let somebody know exactly where and when you’re going.  Rescuers can work more quickly with better information.  Have suitable alternates planned.

There are no facilities: no tie-downs, no fuel, no oil, no maintenance engineers, and no battery backup.  There’s just you, the desert, and a great adventure.  Come prepared.

The Airstrip

The runway is a simple, unpaved, hard-packed gravel strip outlined with white markings at regular intervals.  Aprons Alpha and Bravo are adjacent to the RWY23 threshold’s east and west sides respectively.  A metal-surfaced run-up bay is located between Alpha Apron and Threshold RYW23.  A helipad is located north-west of the RWY23 threshold.  The Terminal and tower is next to the Alpha Apron.  Terminal facilities include a shaded waiting area, ticketing, drinking water, and toilets.

No tie-down points are available.  Consider bringing some sand bags, a spade, or some metal pegs, a heavy hammer and some rope to secure your aircraft.

Ground Movement

Alpha Apron, next to the Terminal, is for drop-offs and larger aircraft.  Bravo Apron is for smaller aircraft staying overnight.   The Helipad is north-west of the Threshold RWY23.

All arrivals must proceed to the Alpha Apron and the Terminal for processing.  After that they can request repositioning to the Bravo Apron.

When ATC is in operation then clearance must be obtained on 120.2 MHz before

  • Positioning between aprons
  • Entering or crossing the runway
  • Backtracking from the apron to departure threshold RWY05
  • Using the run-up bay

The Airspace

Air Traffic Control and joining procedures

ATNS will provide an ATZ Class F for the provision of Air Traffic services daily 0600-1600Z from 24-29 April 2018 and 0600-1000Z on 309 April 2018.  Arriving aircraft must contact Tankwa Tower on 120.2 MHz at 10NM for joining instructions. Transponder equipped aircraft should squawk 2000 if not already assigned a squawk. It’s recommended you turn on your landing light to make yourself more visible to ATC and other aircraft.

Unmanned procedures

If no ATC then route inbound at 3000’AGL or above. Position overhead the field to establish runway-in-use. Descend to the south east of the runway and join the circuit. Vacate the runway and park on Alpha apron. Broadcast intentions on 120.2 and 124.8.

Tankwa Town is a no-fly zone

The airspace above Tankwa Town and its associated art installations hosts various aerial activities, including RPAS/UAVs/drones, paragliding, parachuting, kites, and balloons. Do not overfly this area less than 3000’ AGL.  Aircraft operating near perimeter of this area should maintain a safe lateral distance away from the boundary.

RPAS/drone operators will need proper certification; read more here.  Other airspace users (e.g. kites, baloons, unicorns, etc) should read more here.  Unfortunately hobby/recreational drones and model aircraft are no longer allowed due to CAA Part 101 regulations prohibiting their use within 10km of an active runway.  See also this related article on News24, the Other Aircraft/Drones page, and the Other Airspace Users page.

Dust and Noise

Avoid run-ups on the aprons.  Because of the proximity of Tankwa Town, try to keep noise levels under control. 

The Tankwa Karoo is a dusty place, so please mind your prop wash: where it is blowing, and how much dust it is producing. This is especially important if you are flying a helicopter.  The terrain has a lot of little pebbles which can easily be carried great distances at high speed.

Dust can also be caused naturally, the winds can be high and the dust storms can be violent in the desert, always ensure your aircraft is tied down securely, and your controls are locked. Protect your aircraft by covering up engine intakes and pitot/static ports, tying down the wings, and securing the controls.


Document for guidance only – AfrikaBurn takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.





YOU VOLUNTARILY ASSUME LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY AND THE RISK OF SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH BY ATTENDING OR FLYING TO THIS EVENT OR USING THE AIRSPACE ASSOCIATED WITH IT AND RELEASE AFRIKABURN FROM ANY CLAIM ARISING FROM THIS RISK. You must bring enough food, water, shelter and first aid to survive for a week in a harsh environment. Commercial vending is prohibited, as are all firearms, fireworks, rockets and other explosives. You agree to read and abide by all the rules contained in the survival guide and to follow national and local laws. This is a LEAVE NO TRACE, pack it in, pack it OUT event. You are asked to contribute two hours of general clean up in addition to your own camp before departure. Art cars, art installations, theme camps and performances are not owned or operated by AfrikaBurn and you therefore assume any and all risk of injury associated with or arising from their operation or occurrence. You appoint AfrikaBurn as your representative to take actions necessary to protect your intellectual property or privacy rights, recognizing that AfrikaBurn has no obligation to take any action whatsoever. All vehicles including, aircraft, trucks, trailer, caravans and RV’s entering and exiting AfrikaBurn are subject to search by the Gate staff. Tickets are non-refundable even if the event is terminated or cancelled due to harsh weather, acts of nature, governmental regulation or other conditions beyond AfrikaBurn’s control. This ticket is a revocable license that may be revoked by AfrikaBurn for any reason. Use of images taken at AfrikaBurn (other than personal use) is prohibited without the prior written consent of AfrikaBurn. AfrikaBurn cannot control what people take pictures of or where they post them. Whilst we have policies in place to encourage responsible behavior it is up to the individuals involved. Please bear this in mind before you bare yourself. USE OF AN ENTRANCE TICKET OR USING THE AIRSTRIP CONFIRMS YOUR AGREEMENT TO THE TERMS REFLECTED ABOVE.


Document for guidance only – AfrikaBurn takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.

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