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Art Installations

Each year we let our imaginations go where they will, and that open stretch of Karoo gravel becomes a blank canvas for our wildest imaginings. A burst of beauty, colour, fantasy, dreams, noise and pure joy. Anything is possible on the flat dusty plain of Tankwa Town.

You don’t have to be an artist either – all it takes is an idea, and the will to make it happen. Collaborate or don’t, whether you’re a pro or not, it’s simply about self-expression. Go as big or as small as you like: the only limits are your imagination.

If you are thinking about making an artwork for AfrikaBurn please read the guidelines:



If you’re thinking about making art to burn make sure you also read the Burning Artwork Guidelines:


Just be aware: though it’s a burn, you don’t HAVE to burn your art. In fact, we encourage you to consider creating art that can go on to live beyond our event, and bring joy to others.

Register your art?

That happens on the link below – just be sure you’ve create a Burner Bio beforehand (and if you haven’t, you can create one here).



If you miss the deadline for art proposals and theme camps, it doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to bring art to AfrikaBurn – it just means that you won’t have a pre-allocated space and will not be included in the printed guide participants receive on arrival.