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Volunteer on Artworks

Love those epic artworks that make the Tankwa Town so inspiring and interactive? As it happens, those artworks and their artists always need help and working yourself really hard is possibly the most gratifying part of AfrikaBurn.

Keen to join a team and help where you can when projects are on the go? Let us know what your skills and availability are, and fill out the form below, and you too can add to the creative marvels that make Tankwa Town so spectacular!

  • First and Last
  • Phone number will only be shared with matching artworks to contact you directly.
  • Please provide City, Suburb and Country ( If not based in South Africa)
  • This a rough indication of when you are available during the week or weekend.
  • Please indicate if you are available at any other times that you can assist artworks, not mentioned above.
  • What you would like and what can you contribute to artwork. Your set of skills or skills that you want to learn, by being part of the artworks at Afrika Burn.
  • Please let us know of any other skills and contribution, not listed above, that you can provide or would like to learn. Please keep it short and sweet.
  • Do you have any resources that you are willing to provide towards artwork in any form. Please keep it short and sweet.
  • What type of transport do you have that can assist with the artwork before, to Tankwa, during and after the event.
  • Please indicate if you have any thing else that we might have missed and what you want to contribute. Please no life stories or CV's

Thank you, AfrikaBurn could not happen without you!


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