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Get Support for a Project


Welcome to our ‘Support a Project’ campaign. Like so much we do, it’s an experiment – and this one’s designed to try and facilitate linking non-cash-based project needs with possible solutions that we’re sure might be hiding in the garages and warehouses of our community. We hope it brings meaningful help to our creative crews and great satisfaction to those providing support.

We’re a resourceful community and we like to help, so this is a chance to flex your Communal Effort muscles. If you have a project you plan on bringing and there are certain materials/services/tools/resources that someone somewhere might have or just knowledge of where it can be got, this is where your need and solution can connect.

Creative Crews, please fill out the short form bellow as accurately as you can. Our Creative team will then push it out there to see if any solutions land in your lap. This is no guarantee that you’ll get what you need, so please do not rely solely on it. In the meantime carry on making plans to get those things that you need as before, update your list regularly and please send us your feedback after the event, to let us know how this facility worked for you and your project. Thank you and good luck!

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