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In the spirit of self-expression, there is every kind of music at AfrikaBurn. Some of it is soft and dainty, intimate or delicate. Some of it is loud, large and can go on for a long time. Anything goes. You determine what is going to be played, and how. It’s your way of expressing yourself. No one genre of music dominates this festival – if you’re a cellist or play the sax and are concerned you’ll be out of place, don’t worry – every kind of music is welcome.

If you have an idea, you don’t need approval – just go ahead and bust a nut. There are a few rules like safety and respecting others, but not a lot.

AfrikaBurn would love to hear about your intended project and try and help if possible, but by all means go forth and continue to organise. Don’t wait for a go-ahead: just make it happen!



Anything goes. But if you’re not making a positive contribution, your fellow citizens will let you know about it. If you’re banging on a big system at 4am, there had better be a big crowd or you’re sure to piss people off. Sound Out Of Place, SOOP, is seriously anti-social. There’s a time to party and there’s a time to sleep. And there’s a place to party. Respect your neighbours. It’s the right thing to do.

If you plan to bring a sound system for any kind of party, please Register a Theme Camp, Artwork, Mutant Vehicle or Performance – whichever is applicable.

One of the core principles of AfrikaBurn is that of radical self-reliance, which means that unlike other events there is no provision of large stages with headliner DJs and live bands. You create the show, so try and hook up with other musicians to share equipment or join up with a theme camp to provide a vibe, or add music to other installations. Get some friends. Get a band. Get a sound system. Get some decks. Get a guitar. Get on the mic. Get involved!