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AfrikaBurn SOOP Guidelines

Sound has been our biggest hot potato item of feedback in the last 4 years. It requires that everybody at Tankwa Town remembers that nestled right next to Radical Self Expression is the principle of Civic Responsibility and Communal Effort.

Before you crank out your favourite tracks, take note of where your neighbours are and how – and on what and in what direction – your speakers are placed. Bass bins must be raised off the ground (on a platform such as a pallet), and all speakers must be aimed inward to your dance floor, away from camping areas and the Quiet Zones. This is for stationary sound systems. If you use an amplified sound system at your camp or Mutant Vehicle, keep the volume at a reasonable level.

Crazy sound levels that continue after requests and warnings will be disabled.

Some artworks are intended to be quiet and reflective spaces. Respect this and cut your sound when approaching art installations and performances.

For more info on our SOOP (Sound Out Of Place) Guidelines, please read this.