Project Support


If you’re:
– in touch with members of our community who have projects, or
– would like to inform our community about your project in the dust;
then please consider creating PSA’s for your community radio station, or suggesting to others that they do so.

It’s really easy and anyone – even a sleeping infant two-toed sloth – can create their own PSA’s. Here’s how:
Download Audacity (it’s free and easy to use) or use other sound software. If you need an Audacity tutorial, there’s a useful one here. Then send us the PSA’s at


Here are some important things to know, some tips, and help spread the word among our community. Please read the Fundraiser Info Page.


The Baardskeerder is available for you & your project info! Use it to promote your fundraising activities, make callouts, or simply to get you project known out there.

The Baardskeerder usually goes out every two weeks from January to May, and on a content basis the rest of the year, usually on a Thursday.
To submit newsletter content, please click right here. 

NB: Your info has to be in by Wednesday, 6pm (the day before the newsletter goes out).


Posts on Facebook are not as easy. We usually prioritise event related information. If there is space our communications will post your fundraiser at their discretion, through the AfrikaBurn channels. You can also post it on the AfrikaBurn Facebook pages or event pages yourself.

There’s really helpful list of social media and community links here


Our ticketing agent (Quicket) has kindly offered their platform for projects to easily collect money from supporters. It’s not a crowdfunding platform (like Thundafund, IndieGogo or Kickstarter) – it’s more like a donations box that makes it easier for people to contribute money towards your project using all sorts of payment platforms.
This operation involves costs, and Quicket will do it at cost price. This means you’ll pay whatever they pay in credit card and bank fees, but only that. If you’re interested, send an email to


This is a page on our website that lists all the projects that are open for collaboration, and allows interested collaborators to contact you directly.
When you registered your project, you were asked whether you wanted your project to be listed or not. You can go back and change your answer anytime, as well as the content about your project to be displayed on the page (if you choose to be listed).
We recommend that you update this, as and when the needs of your project change.
Check the Community Directory Page.

To change your info: Log into your Burner Bio, and click on the name of the project you want to edit. Edit the relevant section of the registration.


If you have a registered project, we can offer you an official letter of motivation from AfrikaBurn towards securing donations or discounts from suppliers and service providers.
If you think this would help, please request this to


If your project is stuck because you don’t have a workspace, tools, enough hands on, expert advice, etc. and you have already tried everything you can to solve this and are still coming up dry, please don’t give up. Send us an email and tell us about your struggle and we’ll see how we can assist.

Remember that Radical Self-Reliance and Communal Effort are two of the 11 Guiding Principles.


Contact Us – You know how to contact us:

And please remember the first rule of Art Club:
Always use the name our your project in the subject line of your email.
E.g. [PANTS OF FIRE] – Letter of Support

This is a huge help to keep email communication effective between us. Emails without a subject or a subject such as “artwork question” might take a long time to be answered.

Coronavirus Advisory:

Wash your hands and stay informed. Emergency Hotline: 0800 029 999 | WhatsApp Support Line: 0600-123456

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