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What’s a Ranger?

Rangers are non-confrontational community mediators, and are there to promote awareness of potential hazards, ranging from sunburn to tent fires, and lots of other stuff in between. Ranger shifts are divided into daytime and nighttime Rangering. At its essence Rangering is about creating awareness of the AfrikaBurn ethos, creating good neighbourliness, and responding to crisis situations such as lost children, desert practicalities, and overwhelmed participants.

First time Rangers need to be familiar with the eleven guiding principles upon which AfrikaBurn is based and what they mean in terms of security and dealing with conflict. AB is guided by the following eleven principles: Communal effort; Participation; Civic responsibility; Immediacy; Decommodification; Gifting; Leaving no trace; Radical inclusion; Radical self-reliance;  Radical self-expression and Each One Teach One (the role of education).

Our event has accredited security that are hired for the period, and they are there to lock down the gate if required, and back up the Rangers under extreme circumstances. Within Tankwa Town ‘law and order’ is maintained by two assumptions, firstly that Radical Self Reliance entails that each participant is proactive in terms of their own wellbeing and in terms of Participation and Civil responsibility proactive in terms of the wellbeing of others. Secondly is the assumption that a volunteer-based Ranger system can perceive dangers and mediate or manage them.

Rangering entails coming to a 5 hour training session and then signing up for at least one shift at the event. The more shifts, the more events, the more experience, the closer you become to the secret clan of deep desert Meerkats and the sacred order of the lower case orange.


There are four levels of Rangers:

  • Dirt Rangers are the roamers, The Wild Free Rangers best at home and at large in the environs of Tankwa Town and all her glory. This Ranger likes to walk around, talk to people, visit, interact with AfrikaBurn and all it’s shine, relishing the beauty of the 11 principles, applying them with compassion and tons of love where and if needed. This Ranger is the eyes and ears for the whole Ranger crew. They literally know everything because they see it all first!
  • Green Dot Rangers are as the above wild and free Ranger, but now with a deeper understanding and an extra huge dollop of compassion and patience. The GDR focus specifically on vulnerable participants needing a little extra care due to the challenges of an event like AfrikaBurn: “Have you heard its not Utopia?”
  • Shift leads come in two different shapes. In Ranger HQ it is the stomping ground of Tortoise. Trustworthy, reliable to a fault. Steady in a storm. Safe. That’s Tortoise in a (nut) shell so to speak. The Dirt Lead will be your Tortoise On The Run and available to back up the Dirt Ranger at a radio call’s notice.
  • Ranger One is a veteran Burner and Ranger that knowsthe deepest way of The Orange Fu (and the way, names, addresses, and whereabouts of EVERYONE else on site that a Ranger may require at any time for anything). This could be YOU!


Ranger Training Dates 2018


With our city population growing to 13 000 this year, we need more orange in Tankwa Town than ever before. We have various plans to ramp up the number of Rangers, and shifts, and this includes having at least one Ranger per large theme camp.

If you, or anyone in your camp or crew, are interested in stepping up, please feel free to join us at the various dates planned for the months of Jan – April (or even at training dates at the event). We all hold the space together, and only together can we hold it right.

Interested in training up as a Ranger? Training signups are here. (and include all countrywide locations & dates)

Cape Town Training dates 2018:


Unless otherwise specified, Ranger meetings are at AfrikaBurn offices
(Junction Hotel, 8 Junction Road, Salt River, Cape Town )



Sat, 10th          9:30am to 2:30pm
(Facebook event page here)

Sat, 24th          9:30am to 2:30pm


Sat, 10th          9:30am to 2:30pm

Sat, 24th          9:30am to 2:30pm


Sat, 7th          9:30am to 2:30pm

 RSVP: rangers@afrikaburn.com


Johannesburg Training dates 2018



Sat, 20th          9:30am to 2:30pm  @ 6 De Wet street, Horison, Roodepoort

Facebook event here.

Fri, 16th          9:30am to 2:30pm @ 12 Morrell road, Blairgowrie, Randburg

Facebook event here. 

Sat, 17th           9:30am to 2:30pm @ 12 Morrell road, Blairgowrie, Randburg

Facebook event here.

Sat, 7th          9:30am to 2:30pm @ 6 De Wet street, Horison, Roodepoort.

Facebook event here.


RSVP: flooze@afrikaburn.com / whattsapp on 0721864281
(spaces limited to 10 people per training session)


Garden Route Training Dates 2018



Sat, 17th          9:30am to 2:30pm
(Facebook event page here)


Sat, 17th          9:30am to 2:30pm
(Facebook event page here)

Venue: 11 Manual Villet Street, Loerie Park, George
RSVP:  galago@afrikaburn.com


Training on site


Those interested in attending training on the weekend before the event please contact Rangers to apply for early entry permits.

There’s three training sessions in Tankwa Town this year:

Mon              10:00am to 14:00pm

Tue              10:00am to 14:00pm

Fri              10:00am to 14:00pm


This year we have many international Rangers coming and local Rangers are welcome to camp under the Ranger stretch tent together with visiting Rangers and Sanctuary crew. To connect with camp planning, mail rangers@afrikaburn.com

Questions asked about the Tankwa Town Rangers:

  • How do they manage to flame so well?
  • Why the car guard bibs?
  • Why do they seem so mellow in the face of danger?
  • What is fixation with orange?
  • Is Cpt Mushroom really a mushroom?


Much can be learnt from observing the Tankwa Town Ranger in his/her/its natural environment. Listen to the banter of the Rangers as they flock:

– at every start of a shift for a briefing at the Ranger HQ
– at every sundown at burn briefings

But biggest and most sacred is the Ommm:

The 2nd Orange Magnificent Moo Moo, where all Rangers on site are encouraged to come to Ranger HQ in full dress uniform and sing to the new laatlammetjies. Your children will ask you to tell the story of the day over and over again.


Interested in signing up, training up or applying?

Trained up as a Ranger in the past? Sign up for Ranger shifts here.
Interested in training up as a Ranger? Training signups are here.
And the Ranger application form for 2018 is here.

Get In Touch


Check out the Ranger Training & Info Facebook page here

Contact: rangers@afrikaburn.com

Looking for our Sanctuary page? You’ll find it right here.

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