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Theme Camps

Theme camps are designed and created with the intention of welcoming, engaging and entertaining other participants. Think of them as little villages within the larger village of Tankwa Town. You’re collectively creating a space open to all who want to participate, and generating a fabulous project to share with the community.


Theme Camps


You can do pretty much anything that strikes your fancy: a sunset margarita bar, an afternoon braai and ice-cream station, an epic party, a soulful sound experience. A massage centre, a chill space, offer comfort, a talk, a demonstration, lost mind insurance policies, a water fountain, a bakery, a dance class… what are you good at that others would enjoy, and that you’d like to share?

If you’re thinking about creating a theme camp, please read the following docs:

Theme Camp Handbook

SOOP Policy

Theme Camp Criteria



Although you don’t have to register your Theme Camp, it’s a really good idea, as registered camps get a specific spot allocated to them, in the right sound zone, and get included on the map in our WTF guide – and also in our Theme Camp Directory. This makes your camp easy to find and explains what you’re offering, and when.

Just a tip: only registered camps get frontage on the Binnekring – and those spots fill up fast. In addition, there’s a criteria that’s important to bear in mind for those spaces, ie: they need to offer an interactive experience and at night must have some lighting so there are no ‘dead spots’ on the Binnekring.

If you’re planning an unregistered camp, you’d need to arrive earlier in the week to secure an available space. Don’t panic if you miss the registration deadline for inclusion in the WTF – you can still register your theme camp (or not) and you can still bring it to the event. It just won’t have a designated space on the Binnekring, and it won’t be on the map or in the guide. But it’ll be there, in Tankwa Town, and that’s the most important thing!

Plug & play Camps? Hell, no.

Over the years we’ve seen some camps being set up to make profit off others – and as should be clear because of the principles that underscore everything about our event and culture, that’s not how we as a community roll. To find out what the comfort & discomfort zones are in this area, check out the info on the Plug, Play & Profit page.



Ready to register your Theme Camp? Click here.