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No water. No shops. No food stalls. No bar. No signal. Burns. Scorpions. Sculptures. Sunburn. Costume. Thorns. Music. Dehydration. Artworks. Razor-sharp stones. Theme camps. Scratches. Mutant vehicles. Bruises. Beauty. Exhaustion. Creativity. Blisters. Excitement. Rebar. Sharing. Explosions. Gifting. Punctures. Community. Storms. Wind that shreds tents. Dust devils that fling them into the distance. Floods. Wide open space. Hail. Joy.

110 kilometres on a rough dirt road in the Tankwa Karoo with no phone signal, no fuel stops and very few signs of humanity. Nights that can be freezing, days that can get up to 40 degrees in the shade. And. There. Is. No. Shade.

Well, other than the shade you create…

To do it right, you’ll need to bring everything you need to survive. And then take it all back to where you can from. Including all your trash.

If you’re self-reliant and you read the essential info listed below, you’ll have an amazing time. If you’re not, you could be in for a rough time, ao round about now we strongly suggest you read all the info linked below.

Weather forecast: http://www.yr.no/place/South_Africa/Northern_Cape/Stonehenge/




In order for our Emergency crew (medics, Rangers, Sanctuary, security) to be able to assist anyone in a medical emergency, you’re now able to voluntarily provide your personal medical info, which will be added to your Burner Bio. (Don’t have a Bio?  Create one starting here).


Because shit happens in the desert and our site is very far away from hospitals or any form of civilisation – so a lot of the treatment we may need to provide would need to be on site. Out in the desert you (likely) don’t carry a wallet or any form of identification, and in the event something does happen to you, it’s useful to have some details about you so that we can help.

How would the info be used?
– it will be private and not available for anyone else to see
– it will only be used in a medical emergency
– it’s optional, you don’t need to give us this info, but we urge that you do as it’s in your best interest

How does it work?
– the info you enter below is added to a database our team will have at the event
– on arrival you write your ID (or Passport if you’re an international visitor) number on the underside of your wristband using a special marker provided at our event gate
– parents, don’t forget to add the number to your kid’s wristbands too
– then, should you for any reason need medical attention, our crew will be able to check your ID / Passport number against your medical info if required

Parents of kids being brought to the event may also wish to use this option, in case their kids get lost, hurt or have an existing medical condition. To provide complete information, you would need to let us know where you’re camping – even if only roughly. Take a look at the map for that info.

Please note: if you do have an existing medical condition that requires specific medication, providing your info here does not mean our team will have the medication you require. Therefore, please bring the medication your require for the duration of the event.

The voluntary medical information form will open soon.