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AfrikaBurn 2018 Supplier Process


Nothing about AfrikaBurn is designed to be easy or comfortable – it’s meant to test our abilities and push our limits, relying on our communal effort to make, do and bring our own experience. 

But we get that some things just can’t be done entirely by ourselves, and that in some instances it’s unavoidable to use the supplies or services of an outside provider in the default world. As a Burner you should in all instances practice radical self-reliance, and if you can do it yourself, then rather opt for that option than paying someone else to do it for you. 

The thing about suppliers and service providers is that they have a tendency to bring default world thinking into Tankwa Town, and that kinda “service mentality” has no place in or around our beloved Binnekring. 

So, we’ve spent some time figuring out how to make this possible in a way that doesn’t jeopardize our ethos or rain on anyone’s parade, and this be it:

The Basics

If you need to outsource an essential technical service, or event legislation requires technical sign off of something (such as large stretch tents over 100m2), you’re likely going to need to use professional suppliers. We understand that in these cases, you need the support of a supplier or service provider. 

But if you just want to outsource the hard yards of physical labour to someone else, well… maybe you’ve confused AfrikaBurn with another event. We are all invited to play at AfrikaBurn, and we are all expected to work … and that starts with your home for the week. 

To put it simply: essential set up services are OK to outsource, but human effort or paid labour (especially house-keeping, chefs, etc) is not. The rule is, if you can do it yourself, then have the infrastructure dropped off and do it yourself or at the very least get your hands dirty, and get involved setting it up. Don’t watch someone else do it. You may be providing a gift to the Burn – but watching someone else set it up makes you a spectator – and AfrikaBurn is not a spectator event: the entire event is created by active participation. 


Our Supplier Process has been developed to support, regulate, and streamline the work of all suppliers permitted to supply equipment and services to participants at AfrikaBurn. Declaring your supplier is the first step towards helping them get their Supplier Credentials and Tickets which allows them permission to enter and operate in Tankwa Town. This process is to ensure that they understand and respect AfrikaBurn’s core principles and how this affects their service delivery in Tankwa Town, and to better facilitate the safety and experience of you, our community. 

As our community values self-reliance and communal effort, we do not allow turnkey (Plug & Play) services of any kind. This means you and your camp or project crew MUST be on hand when your supplier delivers their product or service, as you will need to set up and install infrastructure yourself or, where it is a legal requirement that the supplier signs off the installation, assist them in the installation. Specifically, you must have at least 4 camp mates or project team present when your supplier arrives to assist, support or help your supplier. 

Not all suppliers can be assured of getting permission to access the event site. Only those who sign an agreement with AfrikaBurn acknowledging the guiding principles and the supplier guidelines they underpin, will be able to get their Supplier Credentials and Tickets – provided they follow the supplier process too. The onus is on you to ensure that your supplier has complied with the AfrikaBurn supplier guidelines and entry procedure. Like any regular Burner, your supplier will not be allowed entry, unless their entire team of merry people have a ticket. 

Supplier Depot

As you arrive at the gate, take note of where the Supplier Depot is (to the right as you enter the event) – if you expect a delivery, this is where you’d need to meet the supplier (at a pre-arranged time) to escort them to your camp location. Suppliers are no longer permitted to simply drive into the event to find you at your camp site. It’s advisable to set up the date and a specific window of time in which you expect to meet at the Depot.  Planning is everything, remember there is no cell phone reception onsite.


Your supplier will not be allowed to access your camp or project site without one of your camp mates or crew present with them. The supplier will remain at the Supplier Depot, awaiting your arrival. There will always be a representative from the company who will remain at the Supplier Depot to arrange a time to meet, in the instance that their team are already onsite assisting another camp site/project. You must have at least 4 of your camp mates/crew present when your supplier builds/offloads to assist, support or help your supplier. 


Suppliers are only allowed to start striking/collecting goods from 7am on Saturday 28th April. Once you have packed up your home/camp and have completed your MOOP Swoop (to ensure no trace of your stay is left behind), your supplier can then strike or collect the goods that they provided you. 

You must have one of your camp mates/crew present when your supplier strikes/collects their goods, and at least four people from your group on hand to assist, support or help your supplier. If you are a Theme Camp, then you need to ensure that AfrikaBurn’s designated Leave No Trace team have signed off your camp site before you head home. If you are a personal camp, please be aware that it is NOT OK to leave MOOP or infrastructure up, without helping the supplier strike or cleaning up after yourself. 

Delivery schedule guidelines: 

Supplier access can broadly be divided into three groups. 

  1. Suppliers supplying goods and services to theme camps or creative projects
  2. Suppliers supplying goods or services to personal camps 
  3. Delivery companies simply dropping off your personal goods or supplies for your project/theme camp or personal camp. 

The crews of registered creative projects will be provided with Work Access Passes. These passes enable the crew members to enter the event site early (before Monday 23rd April) to enable them to complete the set up of their projects before the event officially starts. Delivery of goods and services to these projects need to happen before Monday 23rd April. 

Personal camps do not get Work Access Passes for the purpose of meeting their supplier(s) onsite in order for set up to happen. We do realise though that some personal camp participants will have received Work Access Passes due to their involvement in a project. Suppliers are therefore able to deliver goods/services to some personal camps before the event officially opens on Monday 23rd April. All delivereies made to personal camps, for individuals who do not have a Work Access Passes will need to be done from Monday 23rd April untill Wednesday 25th April. If you are not in possesion of a Work Access Pass, and do not intend arriving before Wednesday 25th April to meet your supplier onsite, then you’ll need to set up your luxuries yourself. 

All suppliers are to down tools on Wednesday 25th April at 18h00 and either leave site or join us at the event provided they have the correct supplier passes (Supplier Pass). The only suppliers that will be permitted to drive their vehicles onsite, will be companies that are servicing or delivering to creative projects (e.g. toilets, water, etc.) and even then these companies will need to have obtained written permission from AfrikaBurn to do so. Times for these companies will also be regulated. 

Please note again: The onus is on you to ensure that your Supplier has the correct credentials in order to access the event. Suppliers will not be allowed access to the event unless they have followed the correct procedure, and obtained the correct tickets and credentials prior to arrival in the desert.

Supplier Tickets and Credentials:

Once you as either a project/theme camp lead or a personal camp lead have declared your service provider, AfrikaBurn will get in touch with them to complete the registration process. This process includes the following:

  1. Suppliers will need to sign the AfrikaBurn service provider agreement.
  2. Suppliers need to attend at least one briefing prior to arrival in the desert. This briefing will outline the process for them and inform them of our ethos and principles. 
  3. Suppliers will need to pay a R5000 refundable deposit in order to provide goods and services to AfrikaBurn. The full R5000 will be refunded if the service provider adheres to the service provider process both before the event and whilst onsite. 
  4. Suppliers will need to provide a list of goods and services that they will be providing at the Burn. This inventory will be checked at the gate upon entry and again when they exit the event during strike. This is to mitigate against theft. 
  5. Suppliers will be charged a 5% surcharge on the net total of the goods and services they are supplying and charging for, to which 14% VAT is applicable (as AfrikaBurn is a registered VAT vendor). 
  6. Suppliers will need to provide a list of their crew & vehicles, who will be assisting onsite and purchase full price event tickets if they intend staying onsite for longer than one day. The supplier gate is open for deliveries from 07h00 until 19h00 from Monday 16th April until Wednesday 25th April and then again from Saturday 28th April for collections. If the supplier is able to provide their goods or services within a day and before 19h00 that same day, then they do have the option of buying a refundable single-entry pass for their crew, which gets refunded if they leave before 19h00 the same day they entered. 

Round up of costs: 

Ticket Type




Supplier Pass
(for suppliers staying onsite for more than 1 day) 
Refundable Single Entry 1 day pass.
(Suppliers can arrive from 07h00 – and must exit the event before 19h00 in order to receive their refund – this ticket will only be issued once.) 
Non-refundable Vehicle Pass


Inventory Fee


5% surcharge on the net total of the goods and services they are supplying and charging for to which 14% Vat is applicable.
Refundable Deposit


R5000 Refundable deposit should the supplier comply with the AfrikaBurn supplier process both before the event and whilst onsite.


The fees explained: 

Supplier pass: AfrikaBurn doesn’t differentiate between Suppliers and Burners because we are all there to work. A supplier crew who is onsite for more than a day uses the same AfrikaBurn infrastructure – such as toilets, medics, insurance, event staff etc – as the average participant does. This is why suppliers and their staff are required to pay for a full price event ticket, like everyone else at the event does. 

Refundable Single Entry 1 day pass: Priced the same as a Mayday ticket, this ticket is fully refundable if the individual leaves the event site by 19h00 on the day they entered. (geared towards suppliers who are just dropping off goods and can do so in a couple of hours). The reason this ticket is more exspensive is because we had the issue in the past of people buying supplier passes (which were the same price as a regular event tickets) and then not exiting the event. They justified staying onsite because they had paid the same price for a ticket as any regular Burner who was attending the event had. Where this is technically true, it does become a problem when the event is sold out and our maximum capacity has been reched onsite. These single entry refundable tickets are available right up until just before the event when the event has usually sold out. The higher cost of the ticket is there to deter people abusing the system. 

Vehicle Pass: AfrikaBurn is charging vehicle passes for every vehicle entering the event site. Again, suppliers are no diferent to regular burners. The supplier vehicle price is a little higher than the regular vehicle pass because generally supplier vehicles are larger and heavier than regular vehicles and it’s these vehicles that do the most damage to the roads leading to AfrikaBurn. The vehicle pass fee is there to offset the costs associated with making the R355 safe. 

Inventory fee: Like other event companies, we are charging a 5% surcharge on the net total of the goods and services a supplier is providing onsite. As with any other large event, suppliers are required to pay to trade at the event. Having suppliers onsite costs AfrikaBurn money, and this fee is there to offset that cost. 

R5000 refundable deposit:  For the most part (and this is certainly something we are trying to change) suppliers and their crew onsite do not attend AfrikaBurn because they buy into the AfrikaBurn ethos. 

Their primary purpose for being onsite is to provide a service and to profit from this service. AfrikaBurn have undertaken to set up briefing sessions and provide information documentation to better inform these companies of the principles that underpin our culture. However, to ensure these companies comply with the supplier process, we are charging a R5000 refundable deposit that will be returned to them after the event provided they have adhered to the process both before the event and whilst onsite. Unfortunately, money talks, and supply companies are more inclined to operate within the parameters our event culture dictates if money is at stake. Till now, we have had to rely on our volunteer resources to regulate supplier behaviour onsite, and this has put pressure on our resources, and as a result we have experienced a significant increase in service mentality as well as land grabbing at the event. 

Suppliers to Register

Any company delivering anything to your camp site or project such as water, tents, wood, power, toilets, sound, other camp infrastructure or transport to and from the event MUST register their services with AfrikaBurn BEFORE arriving in the desert. If they do not, they can be prevented from entering the site. Again – the onus is on you to ensure that your supplier has registered his/her company with AfrikaBurn. If however you are brining hired goods onto site yourself, and erecting it yourself, then there is no need to register your supplier. 

How to register your supplier:

I have a creative project and need to register my suppliers for that project:

  • Log into your Burner Bio
  • Click on your Collective
  • Below your registered project/s you will see a link that says “Register your suppliers”
  • Fill in the form

I need to register my suppliers for my personal camp:

  • Log into Your Burner Bio
  • Register your Collective (this is your camp name, and campmates)
  • Register your personal camp
  • Once your personal camp is registered you will see a link that says “Register Your Suppliers”

How do suppliers register themselves?

Suppliers will be contacted directly by AfrikaBurn once you, the Burner has declared the details of the supplier who will be assisting you with your project and/or Theme Camp. Alternativly suppliers can register themselves directly by clicking on the supplier button below. The onus however is on you, the Burner to ensure that your supplier has gone through the AfrikaBurn supplier process and has the correct credentials in order to access the event. 

I am a supplier – Register Here

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email: suppliers@afrikaburn.com