DDT Allocation User Manual

What are Direct Distribution Tickets?

DDTs are tickets allocated to participants who are deeply involved in making the event and the movement happen. These tickets are allocated so that they are guaranteed access to a ticket, and can continue their projects, planning, and volunteer work without being concerned whether they can participate or not. 

What are the different Direct Distribution Ticket types?

There are two types of DDTs:

  • Full Price DDTs: These are full-price tickets. The majority of tickets available to this year’s event will be at this price. When allocating, please use this ticket as your default ticket for allocation. 
  • Reduced Price DDTs: These tickets are sold at a reduced price. They’re only available through the Direct Distribution system, and are very limited. These tickets are awarded sparingly to those folk that not only meet a set criteria, and whose contribution requires one. If your project has been allocated these, use them sparingly. 

How do I know who to allocate DDT’s to, and which ticket type should they get?

Only portfolio or project leads will receive a batch of tickets to allocate out. The aim of these tickets is to ensure those who need them are able to access a ticket that guarantees their attendance.

It’s recommended you draw up a set criteria to determine who will get a DDT. For example, you could determine a set number of hours or project sessions a person needs to be involved in order to qualify for a ticket. Your criteria should obviously also include participation/volunteerism throughout the year.

How is the allocation of tickets going to work this year?

There are two important factors to take into consideration:

  1. As with previous years, the DDT system links to Burner Bio registrations, via email addresses and ID numbers. Therefore it’s important to ensure that everyone you’ve allocated to has a Burner Bio, and has provided you with the correct details. Additionally, it’s important that you fill in the correct details on your allocations.
  2. This year, there’s a very small window to purchase DDTs. You and your Collective will have from the 27th November to the 4th December to buy your tickets, after which the unique codes will expire and the tickets will be sold in the General Sale. 

General Sales 1: Tues 5th Dec 2017 12H00 noon to Thurs 7th Dec 2017 12H00 noon

General Sales 2: Tues 27th Feb 2018 12H00 noon to Thurs 1st Mar 2018 12H00 noon

There are two batches of DDT’s that will be released. The first batch needs to be allocated by Friday 1st December, and purchased during the period stated below. The second batch will need to be allocated between the 8th December and the 23rd February, and purchased during the two week period stated below.  

The two DDT ticket sales dates are as follows:

DDT Sale 1:
Mon 27th Nov 2017 12H00 noon to Mon 4th Dec 2017 12H00 noon
(allocation between Mon 2nd Oct and Fri 1st Dec)

DDT Sale 2:
Monday 19th Feb 2018 12H00 noon to Mon 26th Feb 2018 12H00 noon
(allocation between Mon 8th Dec and Fri 23rd Feb)

You as the person allocating these tickets have until the end of the ticket sales week to allocate tickets. However, you shouldn’t leave allocations until the last minute! It’s unfair on the person purchasing the ticket to have to fit into the time restraints you impose on them. If they don’t buy their tickets in the allocated times above, they will lose out.

The step-by-step guide to allocating tickets:

  1. Make sure you have applied for your Collective’s allocation. The form to apply for DDT tickets is here.
  2. Draw up a list of people who qualify for a DDT within your project or portfolio. Make sure you collect the following information:
    Full Name
    Email Address
    ID/Passport number
    Cellphone number.
  3. You’ll shortly receive a link from Quicket, with your allocation of tickets.
  4. MAKE SURE YOU’RE SIGNED INTO QUICKET BEFORE CLICKING ON THE LINK. Make sure you’re using the email address that you applied with.
  5. Fill out the allocations as necessary, with the details you have collected in Step 2. 

Doubling up: Because our community and volunteers are so marvellous, and get involved in multiple portfolios and projects, there are situations where someone might allocate a DDT to the same person. Only one ticket can be allocated to each person – so make sure you find out if they may be allocated one from another project or portfolio.

Editing Burner Bios:

As you know, every single person needs a Burner Bio in order to redeem their ticket.

When making contact with them, please get them to ensure that the ID number in their Burner Bio is correct and inline with the ID number you will be linking their ticket to. If it’s not correct, get them to change it by logging into their Burner Bio and editing their info before trying to purchase their ticket.

Get your Collective members to check here if they have the correct information. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Collective or portfolio leads.

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