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  1. How do you buy tickets?
  2. What information do you need to buy tickets?
  3. When do tickets go on sale?
  4. How many tickets will be sold for AfrikaBurn 2020?
  5. Can Tickets be refunded?
  6. Ticket Types
  7. Mayday Tickets
  8. New Horizons Tickets
  9. General Sales Tickets
  10. Minor (15 – 17 y/o) Tickets
  11. Kids (14 y/o & younger) Tickets
  12. Subsidised Tickets
  13. Anathi Ticket (and Grants)
  14. Pensioner Ticket (70 years and older)
  15. Vehicle Pass
  16. Work Access Pass (WAPs/Early Access)
  17. Direct Distribution Tickets
  18. How to access the event – ticket verification at the gate. 
  19. Gate opening times.
  20. Buying, selling and transferring tickets.
  21. STEP (Secure Ticket Exchange Programme.)
  22. TicketPony
  23. No excuses accepted at the gate. 
  24. Further reading
  25. Need help with something not on this list?


How do you buy tickets?

To buy a ticket, you need to first register a Burner Bio, and then log into our website to see the green Tickets button.

If you’re buying more than one ticket, the recipient also needs to have registered a Burner Bio for you to complete the purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: the ID/passport number that you enter on Quicket must match the ID/passport number on your Burner Bio otherwise you won’t be able to check out.

What information will you need to complete your purchase?

  • Name & surname
  • ID/passport number (NB: this ID/passport number must match the ID/passport number on your Burner Bio)
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number
  • On and off site emergency contact details
  • Tankwa Town address (if known)

When do tickets go on sale?

General Sales

Start: Tue Oct 29 2019 @ 10h00*
Close: Thu Apr 9 2020 @ 12h00* (or until the event sells out, whichever comes first)

Mayday Ticket Sales** 

Start: Thu Aug 29 2019 @ 12h00* 
Close: Fri Apr 24 2020 @ 12h00*

* South African Time (GMT+2)

How many tickets will be sold for AfrikaBurn 2020?

A maximum of 13 000.

Can tickets be refunded?

Our event tickets are not refundable, but for those who have uncertainties around their attendance, we have a solution:

When you check out on Quicket, you can opt-in to a refund protection policy at 10% of the cost of your purchase. People who do take advantage of this option can receive a full refund for the full amount of your total ticket value (excluding booking fees) if they or anyone in their party are unable to attend the event due to unforeseen circumstances.

It’s also fine if you choose to opt out of the protection as you can still re-sell your tickets through our official and unofficial channels (STEP, TicketPony, Quicket Transfers and private sales).

Ticket Types

Ticket/Pass types and costs (explained)

Mayday Ticket

Cost: R3,500
Sales Start: Thu Aug 29 2019 @ 12h00 
Sales Close: Fri Apr 24 2020 @ 12h00
PLEASE NOTE: Mayday Tickets will not be on sale during General Sales

Mayday Tickets were created to help international participants secure their travel arrangements and for whom the cost is manageable. These tickets go on sale directly after the previous year’s event and are on sale up until the weekend before the event begins (unless the event sells out). The higher price provides the buyer the flexibility to purchase a ticket at any point in order to make travel arrangements easier, and the premium is used to enable more Subsidised and Anathi Tickets available. 

South Africans are also welcome to purchase the higher priced Mayday Tickets, however please be aware that all tickets are non refundable. Additionally, if you would like to contribute financially to the AfrikaBurn movement and community, but cannot afford the difference between a General Sales Ticket and a Mayday Ticket, you can make a donation or purchase one of our New Horizon’s Tickets. 

New Horizon Ticket

Cost: R2,500
Sales Start: Tue Oct 29 2019 @ 10h00 
Sales Close: Thu Apr 9 2020 @ 12h00

As AfrikaBurn has grown beyond the annual event, and in line with our mission to reinvent the world anew, this ticket lets you into the event and make a donation in support of our year-round programme of arts, social development initiatives, and new projects that are designed to facilitate the growth of our community and enable sustainable systems to be developed for our new home on Quaggafontein Farm.

Whilst this ticket type does not come with any direct benefits to you as a ticket holder, you are guaranteed a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that your contribution will be enabling our organisation and our community to look toward new horizons.

General Sales Ticket

Cost: R1,985
Sales Start: Tue Oct 29 2019 @ 10h00 
Sales Close: Thu Apr 9 2020 @ 12h00

This cost-price ticket is priced at the amount that it costs to have you on site in Tankwa Town. This is the ticket to choose if you are not in a position to buy the combined ticket + donation New Horizons or Mayday ticket type.

Minor (15 – 17 y/o) Ticket

Cost: R1,985
Sales Start: Tue Oct 29 2019 @ 10h00 
Sales Close: Thu Apr 9 2020 @ 12h00

Minor tickets are full priced tickets available to young adults between the ages of 15 and 17 and work the same as a General Sale Ticket. These tickets can only be bought by parents/guardians over the age of 28 who are only able to bring a maximum of 4 minors and kids to the Burn. This is to ensure that there is enough adult supervision of minors onsite.

PLEASE NOTE: all tickets scanned at the gate will alert the Box Office crew that the person being scanned in is either a Child or a Minor. The Guardian of that child/minor will need to identify themselves to the Box Office Crew so that they can verify that the Guardian is 28 years or older. Minors travelling with a guardian younger than 28 years old will not be allowed access to the event.

To buy either a Kids or Minor ticket to AfrikaBurn, you’re required to fill out the Agreement of Guardianship form and/or the Parent/Legal Guardian Indemnity form and upload it to your purchase while purchasing.

Kids (14 y/o & younger) Ticket

Cost: R250 (R300 at the gate)
Sales Start: Tue Oct 29 2019 @ 10h00 
Sales Close: Fri 1 May at close of gates

To buy either a Kids or Minor ticket to AfrikaBurn, you’re required to fill out the Agreement of Guardianship form and/or the Parent/Legal Guardian Indemnity form and upload it to your purchase while purchasing. Kids tickets remain on sale even after General Sales close, and are available to purchase at the gate. Parents/guardians can each bring a maximum of 4 children and minors in order to ensure enough adult supervision at the event.

PLEASE NOTE: all tickets scanned at the gate will alert the Box Office crew that the person being scanned in is either a Child or a Minor. The Guardian of that child/minor will need to identify themselves to the Box Office Crew so that they can verify that the Guardian is 28 years or older. Minors travelling with a guardian younger than 28 years old will not be allowed access to the event.

Subsidised Ticket

Cost: R695
Applications Open: Mon 30 Sep 2019 @ 12h00 
Applications Close: Mon 3 Feb 2020 @ 16h00 
Sales Close: Thu 9 Apr 2020 @ 12h00 

These tickets are designed to make our event accessible to those who can’t afford the full ticket price but can afford a reduced-price ticket, subsidised by the community.

Applicant categories include students, single parents and others who wouldn’t be able to participate without a little assistance. If you feel you match that description, you can motivate for a Subsidised Ticket.

PLEASE NOTE: These tickets cannot be transferred or sold, as they’re awarded on the basis of each applicant’s circumstances, however these tickets can be refunded right up until the event by contacting Quicket and requesting a refund.

You’ll be informed of the status of your application by the following dates, depending on when you submitted your application. If your application is successful, you’ll receive a link to purchase your ticket which you can do (at any time) until Thu 9 Apr @ 12h00  after which point your ticket link will be cancelled and you will be unable to purchase your ticket:

Mon 28 Oct 2019 @ 17h00 
Mon 2 Dec 2019 @ 17h00 
Mon 20 Jan 2020 @ 17h00 
Mon 24 Feb 2020 @ 17h00 

Applications for subsidised tickets have closed for 2020.

Application Restrictions:

  • One application per person, i.e. no couple or group applications. You can feel free to reference each other in your applications if you wish.
  • You may not submit an application on someone else’s behalf unless the applicant has a disability that prevents them from submitting it themselves.
  • You must provide one calendar month’s bank statement; applications without this documentation cannot be considered.
  • We will not request additional documentation or clarification, please ensure your application is complete prior to submission.  

Anathi Ticket (and Access Grants)

Cost: R200
Ticket & Grant Combo Applications Open: Mon 9 Dec 2019 @ 10h00 
Ticket & Grant Combo Applications Close: Fri 31 Jan 2020 @ 16h00 
Ticket (without grants) Applications Close: Fri 17 Apr 2020 @ 16h00 

PLEASE NOTE: These tickets are only available to people living in, or nationals of, the African continent.

Anathi* Tickets are offered in recognition of the disparity within South Africa and acknowledges that many economically marginalised individuals don’t have the means to partake in AfrikaBurn. If this rings true for you, someone in your crew, or someone you know, it could be their inroad to participation.

Coupled with an opportunity to apply for an Access Grant (welfare and/or transport), Anathi Tickets are means-tested and require submission of a bank statement, payslip or affidavit for each person applying. Because they’re awarded to individuals on a case by case basis, Anathi Tickets cannot be transferred, or sold.

Anathi Ticket applications are OPEN: click here to make inclusion come alive.

*’Anathi’ means ‘they are with us’ in isiXhosa.

Pensioner Ticket

Cost: FREE
Sales Start: Tue Oct 29 2019 @ 10h00 
Sales Close: Thu Apr 9 2020 @ 12h00

Pensioner tickets are available to participants 70 years and older. To apply for a pensioner ticket please email a copy of your ID/Passport to: [email protected]. Pensioners will still need a Burner Bio before they can redeem their ticket.

Vehicle Passes

Cost: R250 online / R300 at the gate
Sales Start: Tue Oct 29 2019 @ 10h00 
Sales Close: Vehicle Passes will be available online right up until after the event. Vehicle Passes are also available to purchase at the gate.

Vehicle Passes are designed to encourage ride-sharing, reduce the number of cars on our event site and on the R355 – the tyre eating and treacherous road to AfrikaBurn. One Vehicle Pass is required per motorised vehicle entering the event. Mutant Vehicles (on trailers), Caravans and Trailers do not require a Vehicle Pass – but motorcycles do. 

If you are part of a Collective with a registered creative project, you will be able to request a limited number of free Vehicles Passes that you can distribute amongst your Collective.

PLEASE NOTE: Once purchased, Vehicle Passes are non-refundable. However, a Vehicle Pass does not need to match your name and ID number.

Work Access Pass (WAP)

Requests Start: Fri Feb 21st 2020 @ 10h00 
Requests Close: Mon Apr 13th 2020 @ 16h00 
Allocations Start: Mon March 2nd 2020 @ 16h00

If you’re part of a Collective with a registered project, you’ll be able to request a number of Work Access Passes (WAPS) via your Collective on our Tribe system. The passes allow you & your crew to access our event site prior to the official event period. WAPS are in place to limit the number of people on site before the event officially starts and ensure there’s enough infrastructure in place to support early arrivals on site. For liability purposes AfrikaBurn is also required to know the exact amount of people expected onsite.

Please don’t arrive at our event without a WAP before the gates officially open for the event week. Our Gate & Box Office Crew will unfortunately not be able to let you in until Monday April 27th when the event officially starts.

Direct Distribution Tickets

Requests & Allocations Start: Mon Oct 7 2019
Requests & Allocations Close: Mon Oct 28 2020 @ 16h00

AfrikaBurn took the decision to discontinue DDT’s in the 2019 ticketing cycle. This was as a result of seeing a steady decline in Direct Distribution Ticket sales over the previous three years. We felt that by directing Burners directly to the General Sale (which would be open for much longer) to secure their ticket, meant cutting out a chunk on admin both for the AfrikaBurn organisation, but most importantly for the Collective leads too.

However, we do realise that in some cases this category of tickets can help you secure crew members for your project, which is why we will make DDT’s available to registered creative projects on request. Please consider though the extra admin associated with the allocation of DDT’s – we encourage you to direct your crew to General Sales instead of DDT’s. If you’d like to create a Collective or find out more about them, log in here. 

Ticket verification at the Gate

You need these things on arrival at our event gate:

  • A valid barcoded AfrikaBurn 2020 ticket from our ticketing agent Quicket.
  • Your ticket needs to be in your name as displayed on your ID/passport (drivers’ licences and a copy of your ID/passport are accepted). Your face needs to match the picture on the ID/passport you present at the gate.
  • If you arrive before gates officially open (08h00 Mon Apr 27), you’ll need to present a Work Access Pass to enter our event site. No WAP, no entry.
  • If you’re the official guardian of a child/minor you need to bring the signed affidavit from the parent/legal guardian of the child/minor you are the elected guardian for.


Gate Opening Times

Early Arrivals (Work Access Pass holders only)

Mon Apr 20 2020 – Wed Apr 22 2020:  09h00 – 19h00
Thu Apr 23 2020 – Sat Apr 25 2020: 09h00 – 01h00
Sun Apr 26 2020: 09h00 – 19h00

Event Days

Mon Apr 27 2020: 09h00 – 01h00
Tue Apr 28 2020 – Thu Apr 30 2020: 08h00 – 01h00
Fri May 1 2020: 08h00 – 19h00
Sat May 2 2020 – Sun May 3 2020: GATE CLOSED/EXIT ONLY.

Buying, selling and transferring tickets

From the moment you buy your ticket til you arrive at our event gate, a number of different scenarios relating to your ticket could take place. Check out the table below, which will ensure that you A) arrive at the event gate with all your ticket admin in order, and B) don’t get taken for a ride should you wish to buy or sell your event ticket privately.


 Scenario Process to Follow e.g: You bought two tickets and you want to give one to a family member/partner/close acquaintance who will arrive with you at the Burn. Use the edit details function on Quicket (our ticketing agent). Please note you only get 1 edit, so make it count. e.g: Your best friend wants to buy your ticket or vice versa (ie: you have no concerns around the exchange of payment for this ticket) Use the Ticket Transfer option on Quicket to transfer the ticket from your Quicket account to their email address. e.g: You need to sell your ticket or you are looking to buy a ticket, but you know no one who wants to buy your ticket/selling a ticket. Use our Secure Ticket Exchange Programme. (STEP). e.g: You found a buyer/seller for your ticket on social media. It’s a friend of a friend of a friend or even a complete stranger. You are concerned about the exchange of the ticket and the payment for that ticket. Use TicketPony for the secure exchange of tickets to an identified individual.

Editing the details on your ticket

If you find that the details on your ticket do not match the details on the ticket holder’s ID/passport, or your circumstances have changed (e.g: your partner is no longer coming to the Burn, but your daughter is) then you can edit the details on the ticket.

Please note: You have ONE CHANCE to edit the details on this ticket so make sure you insert the correct details, as you can’t go back and change it again.

· Log into Quicket, and click on your username (at upper right)
· Locate and click on “My Tickets
· Find your AfrikaBurn 2020 ticket
· Alongside Options, click “Edit Details”
· Change the details of the ticket, and click Save

Please ensure that the person whose details are on the ticket has registered a Burner Bio.

Transferring Tickets

Transferring a ticket can happen any time right up until the last day of the event. Here’s how:

· Log into Quicket, and click ‘My Tickets’ under your username in the upper right
· Click “My Tickets” on the left hand side of the page
· Find your AfrikaBurn 2020 ticket
· Alongside Options, click “Transfer Tickets”
· Use the option to transfer the ticket to a new recipient

Once you transfer your ticket to the new owner, the barcode will be cancelled and a new barcode will be issued to the new recipient. Please ensure that you enter the correct email address in (both times) as the transfer cannot be reversed.

If you’re purchasing a ticket from a friend, let them know to transfer the ticket to you, as above.

The Secure Ticket Exchange Programme: STEP

STEP only opens once tickets have officially sold out.

STEP enables tickets to be safely put back into circulation via a secure system operated by our ticketing agent, Quicket. If you don’t know anyone to sell your ticket to, or you’d like to buy a ticket to AfrikaBurn but don’t know anyone selling a ticket, then STEP is the best and safest option.

How does STEP work?

Buyers & sellers are placed in a queue, and matched when they reach the front of their queues. The buyer has 24 hours to purchase the ticket once they receive the notification from Quicket that a ticket is available to them. Failure to purchase the ticket will result in it being offered to the next person in the queue and the buyer who failed to purchase gets removed from the queue.

  • Refunds: If the seller places more than one ticket into STEP, they will only be refunded when the last ticket has been sold i.e. the seller will not be refunded immediately upon each ticket’s sale. All refunds are processed once a week on Friday.
  • Mayday Ticket holders are not able to sell their ticket on STEP and are encouraged to use TicketPony instead (see below for info on TicketPony).
  • If you have had a ticket transferred into your account, you’re unable to put your ticket onto STEP as you’re not the original buyer of the ticket. We urge you to use TicketPony to sell your ticket on.
  • If you’re in the queue waiting for a ticket to become available to buy, but in the meantime you have managed to find a ticket privately, please log into Quicket and go to the inbound queue and remove yourself to give others behind you in the queue a better chance of securing themselves a ticket.


STEP closes on Wed 22 Apr 2020 @ 12h00, after which point no one will be able to enter the queue. By Fri 24 Apr 2020 @ 16h00 all unsold tickets will be returned to their owners (and will appear in your Quicket basket again). This will give the owner enough time to try and sell their ticket privately. Again, we urge you to use Ticketpony for the secure exchange of tickets/payment if you do manage to find a buyer.


If you are buying or selling a ticket to someone you don’t know very well, and are concerned about the secure exchange of that ticket and the money, then we urge you to use TicketPony for the secure exchange of payment and ticket.

It’s kak, but it’s a fact that desperate sellers and buyers have been either sold fake tickets or never received payment for the tickets they sold. So even if you think you sort of know the person buying or selling you a ticket, rather use TicketPony to eliminate the risk of being taken for a ride.

How TicketPony works:

You’ll be able to load your ticket onto TicketPony by clicking the “Sell your ticket” option at the top left hand corner. Once the buyer accepts the purchase they then pay TicketPony for the ticket. The money is then transferred into your account the following business day, and the ticket removed from your Quicket account and transferred to the buyer, who can log into Quicket and download the ticket from there.

The original barcode will be cancelled and that ticket will no longer be valid. The transferred ticket will be issued with a new bar code which will allow the new owner of the ticket access into the event.

A 5% fee will be charged to the seller and 7.5% will be charged to the buyer (which includes payment processing fees). This is a small price to pay to ensure the secure exchange of funds and the legitimacy of your ticket.

Non-South African users of TicketPony, please note: For international ticket holders, refunds can only be made to a PayPal Account. If you have any queries, mail  [email protected]

The AfrikaBurn Gate

Our Ticketing crew and ticket vendor have made it almost impossible to arrive at the gate with a fake AfrikaBurn ticket – but scammers persist, and prey on the desperate. Don’t get caught out or taken for a ride: rather use the secure ticket exchange facilities (STEP, Ticket Transfer, TicketPony) as detailed above.

Finally, before you hit the road, make 100% sure that you actually have your ticket printed, or downloaded on a phone/ tablet (which has enough battery life). Please also ensure that your correct details are on the ticket. If not, our Gate crew cannot verify that the ticket is indeed yours and you won’t be able to enter the event.

Practice Radical Self Reliance – don’t rely on the patchy-at-best Internet connections dotted sparsely around the Tankwa Karoo to get your ticket admin in order. Make sure everyone travelling with you has all ticket related admin sorted before you leave too – it will eventually become your problem if they don’t. Trust us, we’ve been watching this movie for years.

Further reading:

Burner Bio FAQ’s
Direct Distribution Ticket FAQ’s 
What’s In A Ticket Price?

And lastly…

Thank you, whoever you are and wherever you may be, for making AfrikaBurn happen!


1) The entire event is created by a spirit of participation and volunteerism. If you’d like to pitch in, please consider volunteering by checking out our Participation page, which has loads of links and info on how you can contribute.

2) AfrikaBurn is not like any other event – so you REALLY want to be as prepared as possible. Please browse the links on the Preparation page – and be sure to read the Survival Guide, and share it with your campmates or crew. It will go a long way to making sure your experience is comfortable, safe – and that you understand how the event works.

3) all ticketholders are subject to the Terms & Conditions of our event Disclaimer.



Need help with tickets?

For Quicket-related problems mail [email protected] or call +27 21 424 9308 (during office hours).

If you’re struggling to log into our site, or are having issues with your Burner Bio, email [email protected]

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