Flying into AfrikaBurn as a Passenger

The AfrikaBurn event is not a music festival: it is a participatory art event, at which you are expected to actively contribute and volunteer. In addition, you are expected to bring all necessary food, beverage and camping needs (including accommodation) for your entire stay. If flying in, you will need to organise the transportation of everything you cannot take by air, with your own campmates.

NOTE: AfrikaBurn does not provide an airline service.

How Do I Fly To AfrikaBurn As A Passenger?

If you wish to fly to Tankwa Town as a passenger, you will need to contact your preferred charter company. To find others wishing to share a flight to AfrikaBurn please visit our Share a Flight to AfrikaBurn Facebook page.

Please be aware that each passenger arriving at Tankwa airfield is required to pre-purchase an Airspace pass. This is over and above your AfrikaBurn entrance ticket, and over and above the cost of your charter.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE OF ENSURING YOU HAVE THE NECESSARY EVENT TICKET AND AIRSPACE PASS. If you do not have an event ticket, you will not be able to enter the event and will be asked to return via air to your departure location.

Do not embark without an event ticket in your name. 

To buy a ticket to the AfrikaBurn event, please log into our website and then click the green ‘Buy Tickets’ button.

Find more info on the Airspace pass in the Fees section.

Lastly, whilst the team do everything in their power to ensure operations run as smoothly as possible at the Tankwa airfield, this is a private airstrip run by volunteers in an extremely remote desert environment with extremely limited connectivity.


Our event, and Airstrip, take place 120 kilometres from the nearest hospital, services or mobile networks – you MUST do whatever is necessary in order to be completely and radically self-reliant.

If you have to remain in contact with friends or family, we advise hiring a satellite phone.

WE DO NOT OFFER A TRANSFER OR TRANSPORT SHUTTLE, and NO PERSONAL VEHICLES ARE PERMITTED TO PICK UP PASSENGERS AT THE AIRSTRIP. The AfrikaBurn event is a pedestrian, bicycle and Mutant Vehicle environment – no personal vehicles are permitted to be driven around (the only exceptions to this are emergency and crew vehicles).

If your campmates are expecting you to arrive on a flight, please inform them that they would need to find (or own) a Mutant Vehicle to pick you and your luggage up. Camps are a minimum of 1 kilometre, or more, from the airstrip. Please plan ahead – our Airspace team cannot and will not provide transport, and will turn away any personal vehicle that approaches the airstrip, which is a restricted area.

About The AfrikaBurn Event

If you’re flying in to the AfrikaBurn event, here’s some very important into about the way the event works:

  • AfrikaBurn is a radically self-reliant event at which nothing (other than ice) is for sale, and where all participants are expected to set up, break down and maintain their own camps and campsites. No paid staff are permitted to maintain camps, clean them or cook for the campers.
  • Flying into the event limits the amount of baggage that you would be able to carry to the event – for all your other camp infrastructure, you must arrange transport and/or erection with your fellow campmates.
  • The event does not offer an airport pick up or transfer services, at all. If you are flying in or out as a passenger, the onus is on you to organise members of your camp to be available at your designated time of arrival or departure, to ferry you or from our Airstrip – and this can only be achieved by the use of a registered Mutant Vehicle (mobile artwork). No personal vehicles are permitted to approach our Airstrip under any circumstances – because no personal vehicles are permitted to drive around the event site. If a personal vehicle approaches the Airstrip, our Event Guardians and Airport staff will instruct the driver that they must return the vehicle to their campsite until they leave the event site (which is the same policy for all personal vehicles at the event).
  • All staff at our Airport are volunteers who are giving their time and skills to ensure all flying vehicles and their passengers and pilots (as well as the participants of Tankwa Town) remain safe. Please treat them with courtesy.

There will be little to no contact between the Airspace team and the Charter companies during the burn and the Airspace team do not sell or re-book flights during or leading up to the event. It is up to you to organise your flights and have a means of contacting your selected charter company should you need to change your flights at any stage.

For any queries please contact: [email protected]  See also: SHARE A FLIGHT TO AFRIKABURN Facebook page


YOU VOLUNTARILY ASSUME LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY AND THE RISK OF SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH BY ATTENDING OR FLYING TO THIS EVENT OR USING THE AIRSPACE ASSOCIATED WITH IT AND RELEASE AFRIKABURN FROM ANY CLAIM ARISING FROM THIS RISK. You must bring enough food, water, shelter and first aid to survive for a week in a harsh environment. Commercial vending is prohibited, as are all firearms, fireworks, rockets and other explosives. You agree to read and abide by all the rules contained in the survival guide and to follow national and local laws. This is a LEAVE NO TRACE, pack it in, pack it OUT event. You are asked to contribute two hours of general clean up in addition to your own camp before departure. Art cars, art installations, theme camps and performances are not owned or operated by AfrikaBurn and you therefore assume any and all risk of injury associated with or arising from their operation or occurrence. You appoint AfrikaBurn as your representative to take actions necessary to protect your intellectual property or privacy rights, recognizing that AfrikaBurn has no obligation to take any action whatsoever. All vehicles including, aircraft, trucks, trailer, caravans and RV’s entering and exiting AfrikaBurn are subject to search by the Gate staff. Tickets are non-refundable even if the event is terminated or cancelled due to harsh weather, acts of nature, governmental regulation or other conditions beyond AfrikaBurn’s control. This ticket is a revocable license that may be revoked by AfrikaBurn for any reason. Use of images taken at AfrikaBurn (other than personal use) is prohibited without the prior written consent of AfrikaBurn. AfrikaBurn cannot control what people take pictures of or where they post them. Whilst we have policies in place to encourage responsible behavior it is up to the individuals involved. Please bear this in mind before you bare yourself. USE OF AN ENTRANCE TICKET OR USING THE AIRSTRIP CONFIRMS YOUR AGREEMENT TO THE TERMS REFLECTED ABOVE.

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