Airport and Airspace


Looking to fly to AB as a passenger?

If you’re looking to get yourself flown in this year, go check out the Tankwa International website for more details
If you’re looking to connect with other people seeking flights to or from Tankwa Town, please head to the Share A Flight To AfrikaBurn Facebook group


Flying to Tankwa as a pilot?

What you need to know:

An explanation of how piloting and flying in as a pilot works can be found on our Going By Air page here. 

If you’re looking to connect with other people seeking flights to or from Tankwa Town, please head to the Share A Flight To AfrikaBurn Facebook group

Note to all pilots and passengers of Planes, Helicopters, Balloons or Experimentals: 
There have been some important changes in terms of flying into AfrikaBurn. The old runway remains closed, the airspace has changed and you must:

  • Before you fly in, you must, obtain an allocation number by going to the Quicket Allocation page here.
  • Pay the allocation fee which are aircraft dependent.

Pilots of all recreational and commercial UAV’s and drones, please visit this page.

General Airspace Info

The AfrikaBurn strip is a VFR day private strip – you need permission to land, plus an allocation number which is linked to you inbound and out bound flight.

You and your PAX entering AfrikaBurn need a valid ticket.

  • Each aircraft landing will need to pay a landing fee.
  • From Thursday a landing fee of R150 per pax will be charged
  • Your allocation number will be requested on first contact – call 120.2 (monitor 124.8) Tankwa ground advisory within a minimum of 10 miles.
  • The ATZ 3000/GND should be respected, for safety reasons – see the map.

You can join the AfrikaBurn Airspace Facebook page here.

You will need:

  • A copy of the latest Jungle-Jepp airspace map.
  • An aircraft
  • A radio to call 120.2 MHz at 10NM.
  • An allocation number.
  • An AfrikaBurn ticket for each person wishing to enter the event (this applies to flight crew as well unless they’re not entering the event).

Recommended Reading: if you’ve never flown to AfrikaBurn before, read up on the experiences of first-timers. Thanks to SAFlyer for allowing us to republish their article.

Flight registrations and allocations are now open.


There is important information associated with the use of this particular airstrip and you must familiarise yourself with the advisory airspace and receive an allocation number.

By flying in and landing on this strip you automatically acknowledge our indemnity clauses associated with the AfrikaBurn ticketing and use of the strip.

If flying in and intending to enter the event (helicopter or fixed wing) YOU STILL NEED A TICKET TO AFRIKABURN. Don’t get in the plane without one. In order to get tickets, please visit our Tickets page.


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