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Fire Perimeter Marshal Callout March 2017

(Words by jezebel – Photos by Jonx Pillemer)

Have you ever wondered about those friendly Rangers looking after you while you watch an artpiece burn? Maybe someone in an orange bib helped you move away from increasing heat without mishap.

Those are the Fire Perimeter Marshals. They’re trained Rangers who enjoy people and care about safety. Thousands of burners enjoy the outdoor art safely thanks, in part, to them. We want to renew and develop the Fire Perimeter team even more for the 2017 event.

The primary task of Fire Perimeter Marshals is to keep their fellow burners safe at a burn by managing the crowd in a friendly and polite manner.

Typically, a burner suited to this role is attentive and relaxed, with a few fun tricks up the sleeve. This is useful as burns are sometimes delayed for lengthy durations and nobody wants to lose their spot in the crowd. Time for a song! Or maybe Simon Says. Or charades in the dark? You’ll find these fine folk are half the fun of the amazing art burns. They’re also a huge part of your security at an outdoor event with much excitement, flame and fuel. They know how close is too close and they’re there to help you get the safest and best seat in the house.

Maybe you’ve thought about getting involved. This year’s gathering is going to be huge and we’re looking for dedicated volunteers with steady nerves who like to help people feel safe and at ease. You will be trained in Burn Perimeter procedures and shown how to keep your fellow burners safe.

If you’ve already done Ranger training, sign up for Fire Perimeter Marshal shifts here to help out so that the spectacle of an art burn can take place without a single singe or scar. If you have questions, ask Ranger Chrigi on christian@afrikaburn.com

Remember, holding the Fire Perimeter is an art in itself. The performance might not be obvious or get an applause but every happy burner with a memory of an unforgettably beautiful art burn has a Fire Marshal to thank. Are you one of them?


For other ways to help, check out our Participation page.