Consider this ~ Inner preparation for the Burn

Posted by on 23rd April 2019

Words & photos: Hana Park

We are now less than a week away from stepping foot on the red soil of Tankwa Karoo and seeing our collective dreams come alive. There will be many things that will demand our time, energy, and attention between now and then.

As we assemble ourselves for the fiery times ahead, I would like us to slow down and listen to the quiet invitation emerging from the heart: an invitation to breathe deeply, to feel the powerful emotions flowing in and out of the centre of our hearts, and to attune to the unseen parts of ourselves. This may include considering our individual needs and feelings to orient ourselves to our personal ethos and to that of AfrikaBurn.

Some things you can think about before arriving in Tankwa :

– Who do I choose to be and why?
– What are the expectations I have of myself and others?
– How do I wish to experience Afrikaburn?

– What are my hard limits?
– What are my softer limits and boundaries?
– What am I willing to feel with others?
– What am I willing to share with others?

– How will I feel in situations when someone may challenge my boundaries?
– How will I feel in situations when someone may be forward in their requests or inquiries?
– How will I feel in situations when someone crosses my boundaries?

– When my boundaries are crossed, how can I best care for myself?
– What does honoring myself and others look like?
– How does it feel to give/receive a Yes and No?

Going into the burn with these things well considered beforehand will give you a peace of mind and the confidence to move through challenges with ease and grace and give you more freedom to be as radical, participatory, and immediate as you can be. Let’s allow ourselves to feel the magic of our own hearts before we break open to the immensity of our experience.

Thank you for choosing to take good care of yourselves, and therefore, others.

I look forward to being radically present with you.

With warmth and love,

Hana (Camp CEXx)



For more info on how you can prepare for the experience of our event in the Tankwa Karoo, click on over to our Preparation page (and if you’d like an event guide, and map, click on over this way to read & download our WTF Guide)

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